For this fall/winter season, popular brand Adidas has expanded its dedicated AlphaBounce collection of running shoes with a new pair of shoes called the AlphaBounce 5.8 Zip Shoes, positioned by the manufacturer as highly mobile, grippy and water-resistant running shoes for both running and light-load speedhiking on prepared routes and rough terrain.

The upper of the high-top sneaker is made by combining a stretchy and reinforced nylon material with neoprene, which mainly forms the neck. The elastic and vapor permeable Forgedmesh nylon part, which has rip-stop reinforcement, provides water-resistant lamination, as well as supporting and reinforcing inserts made of elastic polyurethane. Inside the shoe, a mesh lining and an anatomical foam insole are used.


The outsole of the AlphaBounce 5.8 Zip Shoes consists of a heel stabilizer, a wide intermediate cushioning layer, which is made of blended foam using Bounce technology, and a layer of grippy and durable outsole from the Continental brand. The difference in height between the heel and toe is not more than 10 mm. The total weight of a pair of medium-sized sneakers does not exceed 564 grams.


At this stage, the presented Adidas AlphaBounce 5.8 Zip Shoes running shoes are offered in three colors to choose from (Core Black, MULTI, Gray) and are estimated by the manufacturer within $ 120, of course, without shipping costs.


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