In early spring 2016, the Italian shoe company AKU plans to release the new AKU Mio Surround GTX low-top sneaker, which is built on the relatively new Gore-Tex Surround technology, which in turn guarantees a higher level of breathability without sacrificing water resistance. The AKU Mio Surround GTX is characterized by the manufacturer as a comfortable and durable shoe for light hiking..


The upper of the AKU Mio Surround GTX is predominantly made from a combination of AIR 8000 nylon mesh material and dense suede in different colors, the toe and heel are reinforced with a layer of wear-resistant polyurethane. The inside of the boot is lined with an elastic mesh fabric, a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane and a fully removable two-component insole, which consists of a flexible perforated layer and shock-absorbing foam.


The sole of the AKU Mio Surround GTX is formed by a flexible IMS-2 instep made of flexible 1.5 mm thick nylon, an intermediate shock-absorbing layer of EVA foam, and a Vibram Megagrip sole layer, which is made of compacted and wear-resistant TPU and has a universal tread pattern.


According to the manufacturer, sales of the new AKU Mio Surround GTX hiking shoes should start in the first weeks of spring 2016, both men’s and women’s models will be available, with an estimated retail price of $ 200. The total weight of a pair of medium size men’s sneakers is 400 grams.>

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