In addition to the previously announced line of hiking shoes Alterra Lite GTX, the Italian shoe company AKU is preparing for 2020 a new series of lightweight and versatile Rapida Air sneakers, which are made, among other things, with care for the environment, as they are almost completely made from recycled materials. . The manufacturer positions this series, which is based on the Rapida GTX models, as multisport sneakers for both hiking and everyday wear in urban environments..


Among the main advantages of the Rapida Air model, the developers highlight the almost seamless, elastic and well-ventilated upper, which is made mainly from a woven two-layer synthetic material, and is complemented by protective polyurethane overlays. Inside the sneakers, the lining is not provided, it has only an anatomical insole of the OrthoLite brand with shock-absorbing and sweat-wicking properties, as well as antibacterial treatment.


The outsole of the sneaker is also made predominantly from recycled material, including cushioning layers. The wide midsole is made of EVA foam, and the outsole is a version called Vibram Cruise, which is also used in the Rapida GTX models, and provides a fairly versatile tread pattern. The average weight of a pair of men’s sneakers does not exceed 550 grams, which is almost 200 grams lighter than the basic version.


To date, the AKU Rapida Air multi-sport running shoe has already been announced in several colorways, both in men’s and women’s versions. Free sales should start closer to the middle of spring 2020, the estimated retail price is $150.


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