Regardless of the version you choose, all folding knives shown are made using 420 stainless steel. The Baladeo 15G Knife model has a tumbling finish, the Baladeo 22G Knife blade has a satin finish, and the Baladeo 34G Knife steel blade with a partially serrated sharpening has a matte coating titanium.


The new series of ultra-light pocket knives from Baladeo are well-balanced folding knives with skeletal handles. The Baladeo 15G Knife measures 126mm in total length, with a blade length of only 65mm and a knife weight of 15 grams. The Baladeo 22G Knife folding knife, which weighs no more than 22 grams, has a total length of 165 mm and a blade length of 89 mm. The completely black model Baladeo 34G Knife has a total length of 203 mm when opened, the blade length is exactly 92 mm, and the weight of this model is 34 grams. The knives are priced at $22, $26, and $42, respectively.


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