The popular gun company Beretta has updated its line of 12-gauge semi-automatic shotguns Beretta 1301 Tactical, the last update of which took place back in 2018. The updated series is currently represented by only two models and in one color scheme — these are 1301 Tactical and 1301 Tactical Pistol Grip, the latter differs both in the presence of a pistol grip and in the design of the butt, which provides for the ability to adjust the overall length of the butt, using spacers, and the height of the cheek pad.

In the new versions, in addition to the previously mentioned differences in the 1301 Tactical Pistol Grip version, the base magazine was increased from 5 + 1 to 7 + 1 (12/70 mm), or 6 + 1 (12/76 mm), quick-release QD swivels were added , as well as an M-LOK standard mounting interface. Otherwise, everything remains the same, including the BLINK gas system, 18.5-inch table with the possibility of changing choke points (OCHP), mechanical sights, universal mount on the top of the MIL-STD 1913 standard (Picatinny Rail) and larger controls.


The new shotguns will be delivered in a hard case with a set of interchangeable choke tubes. The basic version of the Beretta 1301 Tactical is priced at $1,429, while the extended version of the Beretta 1301 Tactical Pistol Grip will cost $1,449.

  • Beretta has released its lightest series of breakout double-barreled over/under shotguns, the Ultraleggero model, weighing around 2.8kg.
  • Arms company Savage Arms has introduced a new versatile semi-automatic shotgun from the Renegauge series, the Renegauge Security model.
  • Smith & Wesson has released the new M&P12 Pump Action Shotgun, a compact bullpup shotgun.
Name Beretta 1301 Tactical
Mechanism Semi Auto
Caliber 12/76
barrel material Beretta Steel (Ni, Cr, Mo)
Full length 960 mm
barrel length 475 mm
Magazine capacity 7+1
MSRP $1426

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