Renowned Italian gunmaker Beretta has released its lightest line of 12-gauge (12/76) 12-gauge (12/76) game-changing double-barreled over/under shotguns. The new series, commercially named Beretta Ultraleggero, is partly based on the Beretta 690 and Beretta 694 and starts at 2.8 kg with a 61 cm barrel. weigh a little over 3 kg. The reduction in overall weight was achieved due to several factors..


Firstly, the use of a more optimized design of the steel receiver (-94 g), the side walls of the replacement with a polymer with a decorative design. Secondly, a lighter aluminum alloy handguard mounting system (-33g) was used, similar to the Beretta 694. Thirdly, there are no side ribs on the cold-forged Steelium Optima Bore HP barrels (-68g). Fourthly, lightweight USM with an aluminum bracket (-65 g). Fifthly, the stock itself was lightened (-129 g), which, like the fore-end, is made of walnut wood, plus the recoil pad itself is made of lightweight Extralight polymer (-15 g).

Among other things, the Beretta Ultraleggero shotguns are equipped with an anti-reflective rib (6 x 6 mm), a steel front sight, 70 mm Optima-Choke HP series chokes that can be used with steel shot, a set of 5 constrictions and a wrench to replace them. If necessary, the gun can also be used with Paradox OCHP chokes, sold separately, to achieve a more effective level of shot dispersion at close ranges.


  • Benelli has launched new models of 12-gauge sporting shotguns, the NOVA Speed ​​pump-action shotgun and the M2 Speed ​​semi-automatic.
  • OF Mossberg & Sons has presented an updated collection of groundbreaking shotguns Reserve, which is represented by the Gold Reserve and Silver Reserve series.
  • Savage Arms has announced a new competitive 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, the Renegauge Competition Model.
  • Beretta has updated the line of semi-automatic shotguns of the Beretta 1301 Tactical series, which is presented in two versions.
Name Bergara B-14R Bolt Action
Mechanism Bolt Action
Caliber 12/76
barrel material Beretta Steel (Ni, Cr, Mo)
barrel length 610 mm / 660 mm / 710 mm / 760 mm
The weight 2.8 — 3 kg
MSRP 2490€

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