Recently, the German company Böker introduced the Böker Plus Rold Scout knife, the novelty is a lightweight and shortened version of the popular Vox Rold knife from the well-known Danish knifemaker Jesper Voxnæs. The Rold Scout knife model is almost 5 cm shorter than the total length of its predecessor, the total weight of the knife is no more than 230 gramswhich is 63 grams lighter than the Rold.


The Rold Scout blade is a full shank blade made from D2 tool steel. The maximum length of the blade is not more than 95 mm, the thickness of the butt is 3.6 mm, the total length of the knife is 235 mm. The sand-coloured grips are made of G10 material, the grips are complemented by a thin layer of red fiberglass. The Böker Plus Rold Scout will be sold with a Kydex sheath and locking clip for a suggested retail price of $150.

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