This season, Brooks has included an updated version of the popular Brooks Launch sneakers under the index 2 in its line, which made its fans very happy. The first version of the Brooks Launch was a huge success and, paired with a low price, became a real hit in its segment. The fate of the continuation of the Launch model was unknown for a long time and there were rumors that it would simply be discontinued and replaced with another model, but this year the sneakers returned to the shelves under the name Launch 2.


Brooks Launch 2 has retained the features of its predecessor, but has become much more technologically advanced. The upper of the shoe is made from a single piece of two-layer mesh, without seams and joints, which significantly reduces the possibility of scuffs. The construction of the upper allows you to securely fix the shoes on the midfoot and in the heel area, leaving the forefoot and toes free.


The S-257 Cushsole midsole features BioMoGo DNA cushioning for better shock absorption, yet remains flexible and responsive. BioMoGo DNA technology, based on the principle of non-Newtonian fluid, is able to adapt to the style of running and change its properties with the speed of the runner, becoming softer during low running pace and bouncy when running faster.


The outsole in the forefoot of the Brooks Launch 2 is made from a Blown Rubber compound for good grip and cushioning. In the heel area is a special wear-resistant HPR Plus compound that can withstand heavy loads.


Despite the abundance of technology, the new Brooks Launch 2 is very flexible in the forefoot, allowing the foot to move naturally while still receiving good impact protection. Sneakers are already available for purchase at an estimated price of $100.

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