The American knife company Camillus Cutlery, in addition to expanding the Les Stroud SK collection, has released a completely new line of hunting knives under the Les Stroud Hunter Knife brand. There are currently five models of fixed blade knives in the line: Fuerza Large, Coraje Ergo, Aspero Large, Valiente Brut and Fuego. The blade of all models is made of 440 stainless steelnatural olive wood grips, except for the Fuego model, which uses a dark gray Micarta.


Another key difference between the Fuego model is the design of the black scabbard, which is completed with a flint, in other models the scabbard is made of brown leather and is not completed with a flint. Knives Valiente Brut and Fuego are almost the same, differ only in the material of the handles and the design of the sheath. The total length of the knives is 159 mm, the blade length is just over 76 mm. The Valiente Brut model is offered by the manufacturer for $90, the order of the Fuego knife will cost $135.


The remaining clumsy knives Fuerza Large, Coraje Ergo and Aspero Large differ in size, shape of the handle and blade. So in sharpening Aspero Large there is a skinning hook, the total length of the knife is 228 mm, the length of the blade is 114 mm. The Coraje Ergo knife has a wide blade and an ergonomic handle, the length of the knife is 225 mm, the blade length is 117 mm, and the maximum blade width is about 41 mm. The Fuerza Large knife has a total length of 225 mm, a blade length of just over 101 mm, and a maximum butt thickness of 3.57 mm. The Fuerza Large, Coraje Ergo and Aspero Large knives are priced at $100, $130 and $140 respectively.

Camillus Les Stroud Hunter Knife

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