Knife brand Camillus Cutlery recently launched the previously announced Camillus Hawk series of folding pocket knives, which were developed with the participation of the masters of the American custom knife brand G&G Hawk. In total, at the moment, the series features three models of folding knives, namely Camillus Heat, Camillus Wildfire and Camillus Sizzle. All presented models are made in the same style and from the same materials, the differences are only in size and weight..

The curved blade of Camillus Hawk series folding knives is made of Japanese AUS8 stainless steel, the hardness of steel is declared at the level of 56-58 units on the HRC scale. The blade is additionally covered with a matte black wear-resistant coating of Carbonitride Titanium. To remove the blade, only a flipper made using Robo Quick Launch Technology is provided; a push-button lock developed by G&G Hawk is used to secure the blade.


The handle of these models is formed by thin steel liners, a metal spacer, textured grips made of fiberglass reinforced nylon, as well as additional brushed stainless steel inserts. Torx bolts are used to fix the pads. The design of the handle, among other things, provides for a small and completely removable clip.


The full length of the Camillus Heat model when opened is a little more than 203 mm, the folded length is 114 mm, the blade length is almost 83 mm. The Camillus Wildfire version reaches 184mm full length, folded no more than 108mm, blade length is exactly 76mm. The smallest version of Camillus Sizzle is only 165mm full length, just over 95mm closed, and the blade itself is about 70mm long.


The presented Camillus Hawk series of folding pocket knives is already available through many distributors, including the manufacturer’s online store and the official showcase on amazon. Amazon prices range from $32 to $34, excluding international shipping.

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