Knife brand Camillus Cutlery recently announced the start of pre-orders for a brand new collection of survival and hunting knives, developed in collaboration with renowned Canadian survival expert Les Stroud. The collection, which is based on the Camillus Les Stroud Ultimate Survival Knife series, is called the Les Stroud Heritage Collection..

At the moment, the Les Stroud Heritage Collection already consists of five items, namely the San Bushmen, Inuit and Blackfoot knives, the Waorani machete with two types of sharpening (the butt is covered with saw teeth) and the Mentawai slingshot. The blade of the presented knives is made using 440 stainless steel, the hardness of the steel used does not exceed 58 HRC. For the manufacture of the machete, steel grade 420 is used, the hardness of which is 54 HRC. The steel is additionally treated with a black wear-resistant coating of Carbonitride Titanium.

The handle of the San Bushmen folding knife is made with steel liners and fiberglass reinforced nylon grips. The handle design features an integrated whistling fire starter and a standard fully removable clip. The ergonomic handles of the Inuit and Blackfoot fixed blade full-tail knives, as well as the Waorani machete, are of the same design and are made of reinforced nylon with the addition of a steel pommel.

The full length of the opened San Bushmen knife does not exceed 190 mm, when closed it is about 100 mm, the blade length is almost 89 mm. The length of the Inuit model is slightly more than 228 mm, the length of the blade with a partially serrated sharpening does not exceed 114 mm. The Blackfoot knife reaches a length of 254 mm, the blade length is exactly 120 mm. The declared length of the Waorani machete is 457 mm, the length of the wide blade is no more than 299 mm.

In addition to its appearance, the Les Stroud Heritage Collection stands out for its packaging and overall relatively inexpensive cost. The San Bushmen folding knife, with the aforementioned functionality, is priced at around $23. The Inuit model comes with a polymer scabbard, a signal mirror and a flint, the cost of the kit is $35. The Blackfoot comes with a resin sheath, flint, mirror, sharpener, paracord, and a small skinning knife for $58. The Waorani machete comes with a hard polymer scabbard and a flint and steel, the price is $46. Ordering a Mentawai slingshot will cost $35.

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