The American company Vulture Equipment Works (VEW), which specializes in the development of various outdoor equipment, has introduced a new generation of its Cholera and Talon knives, which were first introduced in 2014 and were produced in conjunction with TOPS Knives. The new models VEW Cholera MK2 and VEW Talon MK2 have been updated both externally and in terms of the composition of the materials used, the manufacturer now does not specify whether it produces knives on its own or uses the capacities of third-party brands.

Designed by William Egbert Jr., founder of Vulture Equipment Works, the VEW Cholera MK2 and VEW Talon MK2 knives feature a full tail design. The blade is made using 154CM stainless steel and is claimed to have a hardness of 58 HRC. The first batch of knives were made using 440C steel, which was completely abandoned in favor of 154CM with two grinding options to choose from (Stone Wash, Black Stone Wash).

The handle of utility knives is formed by completely black Micarta linings, which are complemented by a red G10 backing. Closer to mid-autumn, the manufacturer promises to expand the colors of both linings and substrates, including new material options. For reliable fixation of the pads, three pairs of bolts for a standard hex key are used.


The length of the VEW Cholera MK2 model is exactly 254 mm, the blade length is 124 mm, the maximum thickness on the butt is almost 4.8 mm. The VEW Talon MK2 version also reaches a length of 254 mm, but the blade length does not exceed 108 mm, the thickness of the blade on the butt is still the same 4.8 mm. The average weight is about 258 grams. No matter which model you choose, the minimum order value is $225 and includes a molded Kydex thermoplastic sheath.

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