The well-known manufacturer of military tactical equipment, the American company Eagle Industries, has announced the expansion of its range in the popular classic woodland colorway M81 Woodland. The Eagle ERB Bag (Escape and Resistance Belly), the Eagle YOTE Hydration Pack and other pieces of equipment, which should also be back on sale in the near future, have been joined by the Eagle OGB (Operators Gun Belt with Molle Attachment) universal platform belt and set of various pouches.


The Eagle OGB platform safety belt, which went on sale back in 2016, can be used both separately and paired with the Inner OGB Belt, attached to each other with Velcro. In addition to Velcro on the inside, the strap stands out for its reinforced construction (MIL-SPEC 4088 TYPE XIII WEBBING), the use of AustriAlpin’s Cobra aluminum quick-release buckle, which features an integrated D-ring, and a series of reinforced straps for hanging pouches.


In addition to the Eagle OGB platform strap, the M81 Woodland colorway will feature a number of pouches, including the Eagle FB series universal double pistol pouches, double and single rifle magazine pouches, and a pair of utility utility pouches of various sizes. All pouches will be made of 500 density nylon material and in accordance with modern military specifications.


At the moment, only the Eagle OGB platform strap is available in the «new» colorway, which is priced at $120 regardless of size choice (S-XL). The pouches should be available for sale in the coming days. The Eagle Inner OGB Belt is offered separately, and in one full black color only, with a suggested retail price of almost $19. The order can be placed directly through the official online store of the company.


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