The Californian knife company Emerson Knives plans to start selling the Emerson Jungle Commander folding knife soon, the knife is based on the popular Emerson Commander knife, the first design of which appeared back in 1998. Distinguishes Jungle Commander from previous modelsonly combination of black coated blade and dark green G10 overlays.


The total length of the folding knife — 222 mm, weight — 175 grams. The blade of the knife is made of 154CM stainless steel, the declared hardness of the steel is 57-59 HRC, the blade length is 95 mm, the maximum blade thickness is 3.17 mm. The blade is removed due to the proprietary hook-shaped protrusion on the butt of the knife, which is called the Emerson WAVE system, and the classic titanium Liner Lock is responsible for fixing. Emerson Jungle Commander has a suggested price of $261 and will be available with and without serrated sharpening.

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