The American company Energia USA has developed a unique environmentally friendly and functional product, a special disposable paper container that can be used as a pot or pot for outdoor cooking. Hexa Pot is made of special non-toxic paper in a hexagonal shape, which is completely waterproof, prevents the absorption and flow of any liquids, and also quickly conducts heat and does not burn out.


Naturally, the Hexa Pot cannot replace durable metal travel gear, but as a small functional survival tool or as a backup plan during a hike, it can come in handy. Important, Hexa Pot allows you to cook only on an open fire, an electric stove is not suitable.


Energia USA offers two configuration options: Hexa Pot Outdoor and Hexa Pot Survival, the retail price for products, depending on the choice of configuration and size, ranges from $5 to $7. Each set includes two cooking containers and a lid. Official sales will start on August 1 via Amazon, stay tuned.

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