Following a new collection of semi-automatic shotguns, including bullpup models, the Turkish arms company Hatsan, or rather its American division, has introduced a new series of relatively budget Escort Slugger Series pump-action shotguns, which are partly based on the 12-gauge Escort AimGuard and Escort Slug Pump models. . At the moment, two models are already presented in the new line — this is the basic version of the Escort Slugger and the version with the «tactical» body kit Escort Slugger Tact. Both models are exclusively available in 12 gauge (12/76mm).


Escort Slugger Series smoothbore pump shotguns, regardless of version choice, feature an 18″ chrome NiCrMo fixed choke barrel, anodized aluminum alloy receiver, 5+1 capacity tubular magazine, push-button safety, forearm and buttstock made of impact-resistant polymer and a wide rubber butt plate. In addition, there are mechanical sights with a fiber optic front sight and universal mounts for various belts.


The Escort Slugger Tact version features a larger handguard, a separate ergonomic pistol grip, an ergonomic rail-mounted handguard, a low-profile stock with five ammo slots, and an enlarged recoil pad. At the same time, the total length of the guns is identical, and does not exceed 97 cm, the total weight of new products lies in the range of 2.9-2.94 kg. The suggested retail price for the Hatsan Escort Slugger Series will start at $210.

Name Escort Slugger/Escort Slugger Tact
Mechanism Pump Action
Caliber 12/76
barrel material NiCrMo Steel
Full length 965 mm
barrel length 457 mm
The weight 2.90 kg/2.94 kg
Magazine capacity 5+1
MSRP 210$/220$

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