The Israeli manufacturing company FAB Defense, one of the suppliers of tactical equipment and accessories for firearms to the Israeli police and army, presented a new telescopic stock for the M4 / AR-15 series at the end of last month.. The full name of the GL-MAG stock is M4 ‘Survival’ Buttstock w/ ‘Built –in’ Mag Carrier, in other words, a stock with an integrated spare magazine holder.


The company offers a stock with a built-in 10-round plastic magazine, it is also compatible with conventional magazines, capacity for 20 and 30 rounds. The stock itself is made from impact resistant polymer to military specifications and is compatible with both commercial and Mil-Spec stock tubes. On the butt, in addition to holes for a weapon belt, there is a special slot for installing a quick-release QD swivel.


The FAB Defense GL-MAG M4 Buttstock stock will be available in black, green and sandy (Flat Dark Earth) colors, the total weight of the stock with magazine is 354 grams, the suggested retail price of the whole set is $122.>

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