Following the recently introduced TK20R model, the Chinese brand Fenix ​​today officially announced the start of sales of the new FD41 LED flashlight from its still small Fenix ​​FD-Series. The key highlight of the new flashlight is the ability to mechanically adjust the distance between the focal lens and the LED itself, thereby allowing you to conveniently manually set the degree of concentration of the light beam..


The Fenix ​​FD41 LED flashlight is made almost entirely in an aluminum case, the LED protects the mineral glass. The tightness of the housing corresponds to the IP68 parameter. The length of the flashlight is 146 mm, the minimum case diameter is just over 25 mm, the bezel diameter is exactly 40 mm. The weight of the device, excluding the battery, is 160 grams. The flashlight is powered by one 18650 lithium-ion battery or two CR123A batteries.


The flashlight is equipped with a Cree XP-L HI LED brand, which provides brightness up to 900 lumens and a glow range of 340 meters at maximum focus, or 47 meters at minimum, but in the brightest mode. Fenix ​​FD41 can operate in four brightness modes, as well as in Strobe mode. Brightness modes are divided into Low (10 lum, 150 h, 37/6 m), Mid (150 lum, 11 h, 141/20 m), High (350 lum, 3.50 h, 218/30 m). ) and maximum Turbo (900 lum, 3.50 h, 340/47 m).


Sales of the presented Fenix ​​FD41 LED flashlight will begin in the near future, the recommended retail price has not yet been disclosed. Included with the flashlight is a lanyard, a pouch for carrying on a belt, an additional bezel, spare parts and a user manual.

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