The other day, the Fenix ​​trademark sent for free sale a new version of its very popular Fenix ​​HL10 headlamp, which, as you know, stood out for its accessibility, relatively small size and weight, as well as fairly wide functionality. The 2016 version, while retaining key features, has been updated externally, received a new LED, became lighter and now runs on an AAA battery even longer..


The headlamp is made in a durable sealed case, which must withstand immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters, as well as a fall onto a hard surface from a meter height. The dimensions of the flashlight are 70 mm in length and 23-26 mm in diameter, the weight of the device without battery is only 33 grams. The flashlight is fixed with a translucent holder, the design of which allows you to rotate the device 180 degrees vertically. If necessary, the lamp can be quickly separated from the mount and used in manual mode. For control, there is only one rubber button on the end.


The Fenix ​​HL10 2016 has a Philip LXZ2-5770 LED brand with a declared maximum brightness of up to 70 lumens and an effective glow range of no more than 30 meters. The device works, as before, from one nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) or alkaline (Alkaline) AAA battery. The device operates in three main modes Low (4 lumens, 24-26 hours), Mid (30 lumes, 2.3-3.1 hours), High (70 lumens, 0.4-1 hours). Among other things, the design of the flashlight provides a rotary diffusion ring, which allows you to choose the degree of dispersion of the light beam.

The new Fenix ​​HL10 2016 LED headlamp has already begun to appear in some specialty stores, including eBay auctions, with prices ranging from $26 to $34.

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