Earlier this week, the Chinese brand Fenix ​​introduced a new version of its bright Fenix ​​PD40 LED flashlight, which belongs to the line of search lights. The new model, which received the commercial name Fenix ​​PD40R, has become even more powerful, while maintaining its relative compactness, and has also been supplemented with the ability to recharge batteries directly through the built-in MicroUSB port..


The Fenix ​​PD40R flashlight is traditionally made in a sealed aluminum housing in accordance with the IP68 standard. The maximum length of the flashlight is 138.5 mm, the diameter is from 30 to 34 mm, the weight of the device without batteries is 126 grams. The flashlight is powered by a lithium-ion battery type 26650, which is included in the package, a full charge should be enough for 55 hours of continuous operation in the minimum brightness mode. The charge level is indicated by the LEDs in the control buttons.


The Fenix ​​PD40R features a Cree XHP 70 LED that delivers a maximum brightness of 3,000 lumens and a range of up to 200 meters. The functionality of the flashlight provides seven modes of operation, including Strobe with a brightness of 1000 and 350 lumens. The main brightness modes are divided into Eco (20 lum, 55 h, 16 m), Low (100 lum, 21.15 h, 33 m), Med (350 lum, 7.25 h, 77/28 m), High (1000 lum, 2h, 123m) and Turbo (3000 lum, 0.12h, 200m).


Despite the recent announcement, some specialty stores are already accepting pre-orders for the new Fenix ​​PD40R LED flashlight, with an average cost of around $130 per set.

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