Following up on the recently introduced Fenix ​​HL30 headlamp, Fenix ​​today launched the new TK15C flashlight as part of its tactical series. The key feature of the new product is the presence of three separate LEDs for white, green and red light, powered by a single reflector with a diameter of only 34 mm..


The hermetic body of the flashlight is made of anodized aluminum, the LEDs are protected by durable glass with anti-reflective coating. The flashlight is able to painlessly withstand a fall onto a hard surface from a height of one meter and immersion in water to a depth of two meters. Three LEDs are installed inside the flashlight — green and red Philips LUXEON Z LED, as well as white Cree XP-G2 R5 LED with a maximum output of 420 lumens and a glow range of up to 200 meters. The device is powered by one 18650 lithium-ion battery.


The functionality of the flashlight provides seven modes of operation, including multiple brightness modes, separate modes for the red and green LED, strobe and flashing. Brightness modes are divided into Low (10 lumens, 150 hours), Mid (150 lumens, 10 hours) and High (450 lumens, 2 hours 30 minutes). The red and green LEDs operate at a maximum output of 40 and 95 lumens, respectively, for a duration of 6 hours 30 minutes and 3 hours 45 minutes.


The new Fenix ​​TK15C flashlight will be available in retail stores in the next week, with a suggested retail price of $80.

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