For those who do not want to keep everything in their heads and like to keep notes on paper or simply do not trust various electronic media that constantly need energy and protection, the American brand Field Notes has released a new series of pocket notebooks (notebooks) Expedition Edition. New 48 page notebooks, offered in two-tone coverAntarctic Survey Orange on the front and Polar Night Black on the back.


The key difference between Field Notes and regular notebooks is Yupo Synthetic Paper, which is made from polypropylene granules. Such «paper» is durable, not afraid of water, acid, tolerates high and low temperatures, does not wrinkle, and will not turn yellow over time.

The Field Notes Expedition Edition notebook can be a great New Year’s gift for yourself or a close friend. The company offers a set of three notebooks for $10, also on the company’s website you can find 12 video tests of this notebook, various additional accessories and notebooks of other series.

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