Recently, the American company First Lite Clothing, one of the leading manufacturers of modern equipment for hunters, has officially opened the acceptance of orders for its flagship clothing models in a new adaptive camouflage under the commercial name First Lite Cipher. The new universal colorway features about a dozen different pieces of clothing, including updated women’s models..


The hunting camouflage First Lite Cipher is partly based on the already well-known First Lite Fusion, which was designed as an effective camouflage for mountain, forest and steppe terrain from mid-spring to early autumn. Camouflage First Lite Cipher, in turn, was developed for use both in desert and arid regions, barren mountainous areas, and in the autumn-winter period up to mid-spring. In addition, the novelty is positioned as an effective camouflage for hunting waterfowl.


Instead of the light beige, green and very distinct brown hues of the First Lite Fusion camouflage, in the darker hunting camouflage of the First Lite Cipher, the designers concentrated predominantly brown and beige hues with the addition of gradient transitions. In general, the vertically directed camouflage pattern of the First Lite Cipher has become more saturated, voluminous and at the same time blurry.


The release of the new camouflage color First Lite Cipher did not affect the total cost of products, all prices remained at the same level, single-color versions are priced at approximately 10%. The average cost of men’s clothing, jackets and trousers, ranges from 100 to 300 US dollars.

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