Following the new line of Empower knives, Gerber Gear are planning to expand their collection of folding everyday knives in the coming months with two more new products — the razor-like Gerber Flatiron series of knives and the Gerber Kettlebell series of relatively small and light pocket knives. In each series, two models have already been announced, which will differ in the color and materials of the overlays on the handle..


To create a blade in folding knives of the Flatiron and Kettlebell series, Chinese steel of the 7Cr17Mov brand was chosen, the hardness of which is declared by the manufacturer in the range of 55-57 units on the HRC scale. Kettlebell models use stainless steel and aluminum for handles, while Flatiron knives offer both aluminum alloy and G10 material options. To fix the pads in both series, Torx bolts are used.


The blade of Kettlebell knives can only be removed using standard pegs; instead of pegs, the Flatiron has a characteristic hole. To fix the blade in both series, a Frame-Lock type lock is provided. The total length of the open knives of the Flatiron series is slightly more than 216 mm, the folded length is 120 mm, the length of the blade itself is almost 97 mm. Small knives of the Kettlebell series when opened reach almost 124 mm, the length when folded is about 77 mm, the length of the small blade is only 50 mm.


The Gerber Flatiron and Gerber Kettlebell series of folding pocket knives will go on sale in the first weeks of summer 2018, the estimated cost of the new products will be no more than $35 and $25, respectively.


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