Neil Blackwood, the founder of the well-known American brand Blackwood Custom Knives, worked on the design of the Boker Blackwood Pipsqueak pocket folding knife from the German company Boker. Despite the relatively small design and meager functionality, the manufacturer placed this product in the group of tactical knives..


The total length of the wonderful Boker Blackwood Pipsqueak folding knife is just over 156 mm, the drop-point blade length is only 66 mm. The total weight of the shorty is about 133 grams. The dullness of the descent of the blade and the bevel of the butt is achieved by sandblasting. For the knife blade, Boker chose CPM S35VN martensitic stainless steel (improved CPM S30V, see steel guide), with a hardness of 59-60 HRC.


The handle of the knife is combined, made of two titanium plates, one of which functions as a linear Frame-lock and acts as a clip retainer, the other is coated on the outside with Micarta. Micarta was also used as a spacer in the tail of the handle. The titanium plates have been given a characteristic color to match the appearance of the blade.


The cost of the Boker Blackwood Pipsqueak knife ranges from $190 to $300 depending on the choice of the store, on the official website the recommended retail price is $299. I also suggest watching the video review of the knife below from the friendly resource BladeReviews.

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