Cold Steel has expanded its popular Swift folding knife series, which was first introduced in the summer of 2015, with two new versions, Swift I XS and Swift II XS. The novelties are distinguished by the presence in the design of both the spring-loaded Flash-Tek closer (Flash-Tek Spring Assisted Mechanism) and the Tri-Ad lock, developed by knife designer Andrew Demko, and the additional XS lock (Xtra Safe), which completely eliminates arbitrary extraction blade.


Between themselves, the versions of the Swift I and Swift II folding pocket knives differ only in color design; in the Swift II model, the manufacturer used a matte black DLC coating for both the blade and liners, and for fixing bolts and clips. At the same time, the blade of the new knives, as before, is made of Carpenter CTS-XHP steel with a declared hardness of 60-61 units on the HRC scale.


The handles of the presented folding knives are formed by steel liners and textured grips made of completely black G10 material. The overall design of the handle, in addition to the new blocker with a steel activation button, provides a lanyard hole and a steel clip for easy carrying of the knife on equipment items or on clothing pockets. The design of the clip provides for the possibility of installation both under the right and under the left hand, it is fixed with two bolts for a torx slot.


The full length of the open knives Swift I and Swift II is 219 mm, the length of the closed knife is slightly more than 117 mm, while the length of the blade itself is about 102 mm, and the maximum thickness on the butt is 3.5 mm. The declared weight of the knives does not exceed 130 grams. The new generation of Cold Steel Swift I and Cold Steel Swift II folding knives are now available for order and are priced at $225 and $235 respectively.

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