In addition to the already presented insulated jackets and the second generation of the PRG 2.0 hardshell kit, which are already on sale, the Austrian brand Carinthia is preparing several new products for the second half of 2021. The second generation of G-LOFT Ultra insulation layers announced, including the G-LOFT Ultra Jacket, G-LOFT Ultra Shirt, G-LOFT Ultra Vest and G-LOFT Ultra Pants, as well as the new versatile G-LOFT Tactical Insulated Poncho Poncho.


Major changes in the second generation of warm clothing series G-LOFT Ultra 2.0which have not yet touched on the lightweight insulated G-LOFT Ultra Hoody jacket, is a partial update of the cut and position of the niches with insulation, as well as an increase in the overall density of the G-LOFT insulating filler (100% polyester), from 40 g/m2 to 60 g/m2 .


G-LOFT Ultra 2.0 clothing, as before, is positioned by the manufacturer as a lightweight and compact insulating layer that can be effectively used in winter and demi-season with different types of outer layers. G-LOFT Ultra 2.0 insulating layers can be worn both on the naked body and over thermal underwear. To form the outer layer and lining of clothing, nylon is used with different densities and structures.


New padded poncho G-LOFT Tactical Poncho stands out for its reversible design (Olive/MultiCam) as well as its versatile design that allows it to be used as a poncho, jacket, sleeping bag, or blanket. As the main material, thin rip-stop nylon is used, which is treated with a water-repellent composition. Heat-insulating filler — G-LOFT insulation with a density of not more than 60 g/m2.


The future cost of the presented novelties has not yet been specified by the manufacturer. The G-LOFT Ultra 2.0 insulated clothing series and the G-LOFT Tactical Poncho insulated poncho are expected to go on sale in early autumn this year.


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