The well-known knife brand Gerber Gear has recently introduced a new folding pocket knife, which is dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the popular Gerber 06 Automatic (06 Auto) knife series, which, as you know, has been officially supplied to the US troops since 2006 and was available for purchase only by the military, law enforcement officers , firefighters and rescuers. The new knife was called 06 Automatic 10th Anniversary (06 Auto 10th Anniversary), differs both in the shape of the blade and in the design of the handle.


The straight ground blade of the 06 Auto 10th Anniversary folding knife, Drop-Point type, as before, is made using CPM S30V powder corrosion-resistant steel, which is characterized by high impact strength, hardness and good wear resistance. The hardness of the steel used is declared within 58-60 HRC.

The handle is crafted from steel liners and heavy-duty 6061-T6 anodized aluminum grips, finished with a durable Olive Drab Cerakote finish. The functionality of the handle includes an automatic flip-out mechanism with a lock/fuse, a striker end with a lanyard hole, and a fully removable clip that can be placed both under the right and half the left hand.


The full length of the open pocket knife is almost 221 mm, the closed length is no more than 124 mm, the length of the blade itself is about 97 mm, the maximum thickness on the butt is 3.2 mm. The weight of the knife is stated at 180 grams. The limited-edition Gerber 06 Auto 10th Anniversary Folding Pocket Knife is priced at $185 and will only be freely available through dealers.


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