Recently, the knife brand Gerber Gear has added a new folding knife with the characteristic name Gerber 39 Series Micarta, which is still a small series of 39 Series knives, which dates back to 1939, the year the company was founded. According to the manufacturer himself, in the new model they sought to harmoniously combine the classic appearance with a reliable design and modern materials..


The blade of the pocket knife is made of CPM-S30V stainless steel, the hardness of the steel used is within 59-61 HRC. Folding knife handle is made of polymer pritin and Micarta shaped grips. The plates are fastened with three pairs of bolts, including an axial bolt and a small bolt simultaneously fixing a steel clip, the design of which allows you to wear a knife on items of clothing and equipment, as well as fasten a lanyard.


The full length of the open folding knife is no more than 193 mm, when closed, the length of the knife is 110 mm, the length of the blade itself is 83 mm, the thickness on the butt is slightly more than 2.5 mm. To extract the blade, a steel «tablet» is provided; in the open position, the blade is fixed with a Liner-Lock type lock.


The new Gerber 39 Series Micarta folding pocket knife is already available for order both on the manufacturer’s website and in official dealer stores. The recommended cost is declared at the level of 170 US dollars.

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