The American company GSI Outdoors, which is well known for its variety of equipment for cooking in the field, is preparing for the spring of 2019 a new collection of pots called GSI Escape HS Pot (Collapsible Radiator Pots). Initially, only two models for 2 and 3 liters of usable volume will be presented in the line, which will differ from each other only in color options, in their size and weight, respectively..


A key feature of the GSI Escape HS Pots range of camping pots is their foldable, compact design made from heat-resistant silicone, as well as the presence of an aluminum heat exchanger, which should reduce fuel costs and speed up cooking times. The pots, like the more standard GSI Halulite Pot models, are tightly closed with aluminum alloy lids, which are complemented by metal clips, silicone burn pads and provide a set of holes for draining liquids.


The GSI Escape HS Pots will be available in several colors to choose from. The overall dimensions of the three-liter version in the complex are about 26 cm long, 23 cm wide and no more than 5 cm thick, the weight of the bowler is 558 grams. Free sales should begin in the spring of 2019, the estimated cost of new products will be about 55 and 65 US dollars.

  • Brand GSI Outdoors is preparing to launch a new compact camping stove Pinnacle Pro Dual Stove.

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