For this winter season, the German brand Hanwag, which specializes in hiking shoes, has released a new model of winter boots Lhamo GTX, which will be available in both men’s and women’s versions. The new boots were developed as a reliable pair of shoes with good waterproof properties and acceptable cold protection for use mainly in urban areas.. At the same time, the manufacturer tried to maintain a classic appearance.


The top of the Hanwag Lhamo GTX boots is created by a combination of dense wool felt with genuine yak leather, the lower part of the boots is additionally protected by a rubber welt. On the inside, a Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort Footwear membrane lining and a formed heat-insulating insole are used.


The outsole of the Lhamo GTX is based on the IceGrip ZT branded winter outsole, which is made of frost-resistant rubber and has a special anti-slip tread pattern. As an intermediate shock-absorbing layer, polyurethane foam of different densities is used.


The new Hanwag Lhamo GTX winter boots are only available in one black color and have a suggested retail price of €240.

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