Brand Hazard 4 has announced the imminent launch of a new model of a protective utility backpack called Grill, which is based on the Pillbox model, but has a more compact size. The novelty also provides a rigid front panel, which is made of profiled polymer and should provide the necessary protection of the contents from possible mechanical damage..


As the main material for the manufacture of the Hazard 4 Grill, a durable and wear-resistant nylon material of the Cordura brand is used, which has a two-layer polyethylene processing and a maximum density of at least 1000 denier. The backrest and partially the elements of the suspension system are made using nylon mesh of different structure and density, which is supplemented from the inside with flexible foam. To create the lining of the shoulder pad, thin and light nylon with company branding, Velcro Velcro and micro-fluffy material are used.


The shoulder pad of the Hazard 4 Grill series (38 x 27 x 20.5 cm), like the Pillbox model, provides only three main compartments — this is a front organizer compartment, a general purpose cargo compartment with removable partitions and a «flesh» compartment for a 13-inch laptop, which can also be used for concealed carrying of short-barreled weapons. In addition, on the outside of the backpack, both nylon loops are provided, designed to fix various additional pouches, as well as the proprietary HardPoint series mount.


At this stage, the new Hazard 4 Grill shoulder pad has been announced in only one design so far and is estimated by the manufacturer within $ 200, the exact date of the start of sales has not yet been disclosed.


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