On the pages of the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, a project of new highly efficient and multifunctional medical scissors HÉROS is presented. The novelty was developed by American emergency physician, former mountain guide, Scott Forman (Scott Forman), with the involvement of specialists from various fields, including paramedics, former military personnel and NASA employees..


According to the developer, HÉROS is the most efficient medical scissors to date. The novelty is able to cope with a large number of different materials (Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass, ABS plastic, leather, etc.), both due to the materials used and due to its design, which provides sufficient leverage for comfortable and fast cutting, in including wearing gloves.


The scissors are made primarily from Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel. In addition to medical scissors, the HÉROS multitool includes a carabiner, a sling cutter, a glass breaker, a ring cutter, an oxygen bottle wrench, a wrench, a lanyard attachment and a bottle opener. In addition, a separate version is offered with magnets in the handle, excluding arbitrary opening.


HÉROS multifunctional medical scissors are equipped with a polymer sheath that allows you to mark the instrument both on the trouser belt and on PALS-type slings. The minimum pre-order cost, excluding shipping, is $119. Orders are scheduled to ship in August 2021.


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