The Fenix ​​brand opened the season with two new models of LED headlamps in the HL and HP series today. The announced novelties are called HL23 and HP15UE (Ultimate Edition), the first model of the LED flashlight is a smaller version of the HL25 released in autumn, the second is a more powerful version of the base model HP15.


The Fenix ​​HL23 headlamp is made in a sealed anodized aluminum case, the LED protects the thick glass with anti-reflective coating. The case is able to withstand immersion in water (IP68) and falling on a hard surface. Inside the lamp there is an LED with a maximum power of 150 lumens, a glow range of about 55 meters. The flashlight works in three brightness modes using only one AA battery: Low (3 lumens, 100-110 hours), Mid (50 lumens, 4-5.4 hours) and High (150 lumens, 1-1.20 hours).


The combined aluminum-plastic body of the Fenix ​​HP15UE flashlight meets the generally accepted IPX-6 standard and is able to safely endure a fall from a meter height. The flashlight is equipped with a Cree XM-L2 (U2) LED brand with a declared maximum power of 900 lumens, a glow range of at least 178 meters and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The functionality provides six operating modes: SOS (50 lumens), Eco (10 lumens, 160-170 hours), Low (50 lumens, 40-44 hours), Mid (150 lumens, 8-10 hours), High (400 lumens, 3-3.30 hours) and maximum Burst (900 lumens). The flashlight is powered by four AA batteries.


The new Fenix ​​HL23 and Fenix ​​HP15UE headlamps should be available in retail stores in the coming weeks, with a suggested retail price of $45 and $90 respectively.

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