As part of the HTX Bushcraft Line category, Helikon-Tex has released the new HTX Swagman Roll Basic (PO-SRB-PO) insulated poncho, which we already mentioned in our January article. The novelty, according to the manufacturer, is a more affordable version of the Swagman Roll poncho liner, which has been on sale since 2017, and can be used as a poncho, sleeping bag, blanket, bedding, liner in the main sleeping bag, external insulation for a hammock, etc..


Designed in the same style as the liner of the classic M65 jacket, the padded poncho is made from polyester fabric with the addition of thicker piping and a zipper. Hydrophobic polyester fiber is used as a heater. The total dimensions of the poncho do not exceed 205 cm in length and 140 cm in width, the weight of the product, including the cover, is 998 grams. The design includes an integrated hood, almost the entire length of the zipper, volume adjustments and drawstring loops with plastic buckles.


The HTX Swagman Roll Basic Padded Poncho Liner (PO-SRB-PO) is available in two solid colors (Black, Olive Green) and comes with a protective compression pouch (32 x 20 x 20 cm). The recommended retail price of the novelty is almost 63 euros, the order can be placed through the official online store of Helikon-Tex.


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