The American brand HydraPak, a manufacturer of various drinking systems mainly for outdoor use, has presented several interesting new products for this season. First of all, we can distinguish a line of light and collapsible bottles of the Flux series, as well as a series of more highly specialized HydraSleeve drinking systems, which are distinguished by the presence of an additional layer of thermal insulation and are designed primarily for use in low temperatures..


In the range of collapsible reusable bottles flux so far, only two versions are presented with a declared useful volume of 1 l (245 x 85 cm, 77 g) and 1.5 l (295 x 93 cm, 97 g), each of which is offered in two color options. Both versions are made of two-layer, durable and flexible TPU (100% BPA/PVC Free), and include a convenient fully removable drinker that locks onto standard threads, allowing you to use most modern filters.


In line HydraSleeve Two models are already available, the HydraSleeve Seeker 3L (490 x 180 mm, 225 g) and the HydraSleeve Reservoir 3L (500 x 200 mm, 308 g), based on the Seeker 3L tank and the Shape-Shift 3L drinking system. The main feature of the new line is an additional compression, heat-insulating and heat-reflecting cover, made mainly of 210-density rip-stop nylon and an insulator layer of special film and EVA foam.


HydraPak Flux 1L Collapsible Flasks start at $20, regardless of color choice. The HydraSleeve Seeker 3L and HydraSleeve Reservoir 3L systems cost $50 and $60 respectively. Orders can be placed directly through the company’s online store.


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