The popular Swedish shoe company Icebug has introduced several new pairs of shoes for the upcoming winter season and next spring, most of the new products are aimed primarily at speed hiking and cross-country running, including directly in winter conditions. The Oribi5 BUGrip and NewRun BUGrip GTX lines join the winter collection, while the Outrun RB9X, Horizon RB9X, Zeal5 RB9X, Kim RB9X and Capra RB9X will be flagships for the spring/summer 2020 season.


The Oribi5 BUGrip is distinguished by its lightweight, seamless, waterproof polyester upper with added PU protection, quick-drying recycled polyester fiber mesh lining, anatomical Ortholite Hybrid insole, comfortable and grippy BUGrip outsole and midsole with Rock Shield protection. . Heel to toe drop is only 7mm.


The NewRun BUGrip GTX running shoes are designed for comfortable running in harsher winter conditions. This model stands out with a denser and more protected polyester and TPU upper, Gore-Tex internal membrane lining (a version without a membrane is also planned), as well as the presence of a BOA quick lacing system. In addition to the membrane, the inside uses a quick-drying lining made from recycled polyester fibers and an Ortholite Hybrid insole. The sole of the new sneakers is based on BUGrip technology.


The main distinguishing feature of the Outrun RB9X, Horizon RB9X, Zeal5 RB9X, Kim RB9X and Capra RB9X, the latter designed specifically for skyrunning, is the updated RB9X outsole, which is based on an intermediate cushioning layer created with care for the environment. The midsole is now 20% Algae Bloom Foam, and the RB9X outsole is 15% recycled.


The Outrun RB9X is designed for long-distance cross-country running, the Capra RB9X was co-designed with professional athlete Tove Alexandersson and aimed at skyrunning, the Zeal5 RB9 is characterized as a competition and training shoe for running on technical trails. In turn, the Horizon RB9X model is designed for lighter loads and routes, while the Kim RB9X version, which includes a waterproof membrane, is suitable for everyday wear in the city.


The Oribi5 BUGrip and NewRun BUGrip GTX running shoes should go on sale this fall, while the Outrun RB9X, Horizon RB9X, Zeal5 RB9X, Kim RB9X and Capra RB9X are expected in February 2020. The recommended retail price of future new products has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer.


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