The James Brand, which was founded in 2012 in Portland, Oregon, USA and specializes mainly in various models of folding knives in a modern minimalist style, recently released a small pocket knife called The Elko. The presented knife, which can be used as a keychain, was designed exclusively as an additional tool to the main knife..

The small blade of the Elko model, which has a relatively classic drop-point shape, is made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, which usually has a hardness in the range of 58-60 HRC. The handle of a folding knife is formed by smooth aluminum lining, a steel spacer-crowbar (opener, screwdriver, scraper, mount for a ring or lanyard). To fix the pads, steel bolts are used for a torx slot.


The blade of The Elko series knives is removed exclusively with the help of a small through hole, and is fixed by a sliding mechanism such as Slip Joint. The full length of the open pocket knife is exactly 110 mm, when closed, the length and thickness of the knife are no more than 66 mm and 10 mm, respectively, the length of the blade itself is only 44 mm, and the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is 2.3 mm. The total weight of the novelty is almost 37 grams.

Presented James Elko folding knife at this stage is offered in three finishes (Black, Silver, Moss). Regardless of which version you choose, the suggested retail price is $60. The knife comes in sealed Loksak packaging.

  • The James Brand has released a new larger model of The Carter folding everyday knife, which is available in three versions.

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