The American manufacturer Kifaru International, which is primarily known for its hunting equipment, today introduced the popular Timberline and Duplex Timberline series of hunting backpacks in the new Kryptek LEAF Highlander camouflage and posted the first «live» photos of the updated Timberline 1 backpack on the official facebook page.


The Timberline and Duplex Timberline backpacks differ mainly only in the frame, the modular Duplex Frame in the Duplex Timberline series is removable and compatible with all three backpacks in the series. Timberline 1 is the most voluminous in the series, the total usable volume of the backpack is 118 liters. The backpack is made of 500D Cordura, in addition to the main compartment of 88 liters with a classic top load, the backpack has a small inside pocket for organizing various small things, an internal compartment for a hydraulic system, two external bulky pockets on the sides of the backpack and two small patch pockets with a zipper in the center. The company also offers three top valve options.


In addition to the new Kryptek LEAF Highlander, Kifaru Timberline hunting backpacks are available in green, dark green (Foliage), sandy (Coyote Brown) and MultiCam camo. Depending on the purchase of a backpack with or without a frame, as well as the choice of the top valve, the cost per backpack can range from $335 to $732.

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