Following the GTI Bush models of field knives, the Chinese brand Kizer Cutlery plans to launch another series of relatively small utility knives with a fixed blade in the near future. The new series, which is dedicated to the American National Reserve Sequoia, will be commercially called Kizer Sequoia (Ki-1022A), and its design was developed in collaboration with Erick Garza (Erick Garza). Initially, the series will include only two versions, differing from each other only in the color of the overlays on the handle.

For the manufacture of a full-tail blade of the Drop-Point type, high-carbon steel grade 1095 is used, the hardness of which is declared by the manufacturer in the range of 58-60 HRC. On the outside, the steel is treated with a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant black coating. The smooth, riveted handle grips are made from G10 composite and are available in all black and olive.


According to the developer, the Kizer Sequoia series knives were created as universal working knives for hiking and camping, which, if necessary, can be fully used both for bushcraft and in emergency situations. The total length of the knife reaches 204 mm, the length of the handle is almost 108 mm, the length of the blade itself is slightly more than 76 mm, the minimum weight of the knife, excluding the weight of the thermoplastic sheath, is 151 grams.


The Kizer Sequoia (Ki-1022A) utility knife series is expected to go on sale next month. According to preliminary data, the retail price will not exceed $80.

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