The American company Kryptek Outdoor Group, which specializes in various equipment for hunting and military-tactical use, in connection with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, like many other outdoor brands, has launched its line of protective masks. But in their product, in addition to the characteristic colors, the developers went further by providing a system of replaceable and reusable filters that filter up to 98% of fine particles up to 0.1 picometer in size..


The protective masks, called the Kryptek Courtesy Face Mask, are available in several colors and in two sizes to choose from, small for women and children, and large for men. The fixation of the mask, which is made of a blended fabric consisting of polyester and spandex, is carried out using elastic loops. The filter, which is presented in one size, is placed in a special compartment. After use, the mask must be washed and the filter, using protective gloves, replaced with a new one.


Regardless of the choice of size and color, the Kryptek Courtesy Face Mask, which comes with one replacement filter, is priced at $20, a set of five filters will cost $10. The first batch is already sold out, replenishment of the warehouse is expected in the near future. Sales proceeds will be used to support services involved in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.


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