The Fenix ​​brand recently introduced two updated models of popular LED flashlights — PD32 and E35UE, which this year have been updated externally, received enhanced functionality, become brighter and at the same time increased overall battery life. The hermetic aluminum case of both models meets the IPX-8 standard, and, as before, the device is able to painlessly withstand a fall on a hard surface from a height of one and a half meters and immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters.


The Fenix ​​PD32 (2016) now measures almost 130mm in length and 23mm in diameter and weighs 77g without battery. The device is powered by one 18650 lithium-ion battery or two CR123A batteries. The lantern is equipped with a new Cree XP-L HI LED brand with a maximum brightness of 900 lumens and a glow range of at least 240 meters. The flashlight has been revised as many as seven operating modes: SOS (50 lum.), Strobe (900 lum.), Eco (5 lum., 260 h.), Low (50 lum., 37.5 h.), Mid (150 lum., 10.25 h), High (400 lum, 4 h) and Turbo (900 lum, 1.55 h).


Dimensions flashlight Fenix ​​E35 Ultimate Edition (2016) does not exceed 122 mm in length and 24 mm in diameter, the weight of the device is 72 grams. The flashlight is powered by one 18650 lithium-ion battery or two CR123A lithium batteries. The brand of the LED used has not changed compared to last year’s model, but at the same time, the Cree XM-L2 U2 LED has increased brightness to 1000 lumens and the glow range is now at least 160 meters. The number of modes has also been increased to seven, the modes are divided into SOS (150 lum.), Strobe (1000 lum.), Eco (8 lum., 150 h.), Low (50 lum., 42.3 h.), Mid (150 lum. ., 11.5 h.), High (450 lum., 4 h.) and Turbo (1000 lum., 1.5 h.).


The new Fenix ​​PD32 (2016) and Fenix ​​E35UE (2016) LED handheld flashlights are now available for order both through authorized dealers and through auctions on eBay, depending on the seller’s choice, the cost varies from 61 to 80 dollars and from 44 to 60 dollars respectively.

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