After successful developments for the military industry, the Israeli company LifeBEAM Technologies began to develop various unique technologies for sports. One of the first «brainchild» of the company was the LifeBEAM SMART bicycle helmet, which should replace uncomfortable chest straps. To conduct a successful development and implementation campaign, the company posted its project on indiegogo pages and plans to raise $50,000 by the end of April (more than $38,000 has already been raised).


The helmet is equipped with a special sensor that allows you to collect accurate information about the distance traveled, calories burned and heart rate in real time. All received data is transmitted to compatible smartphones, watches or bike computers via ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless networks. The LifeBEAM SMART helmet is based on the Genesis bike helmet from Lazer Sport.


The LifeBEAM SMART Sensor Cycling Helmet is currently only available in one black and white color scheme, the overall weight of the helmet is 280 grams, the design includes the Rollsys® Retention System and 19 ventilation holes. To date, the minimum cost of pre-ordering, including international shipping, will be $204. Delivery of finished products to customers is scheduled for September 2013.

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