American manufacturer of hiking and casual backpacks, Lowe Alpine, among other innovations, including the previously introduced AirZone Trek line, has released a new collection of backpacks and bags, Rock, which is primarily aimed at climbers and mountaineers. There are currently five items in the collection, namely the Rogue 48, Outcast 44 and Misfit 27 backpacks, the Slacker Rope Bag (27 x 45 x 24 cm, 0.5 kg) and the Chalk Bag..


New models of backpacks and bags are made primarily by combining 840 density ballistic nylon with 420 density nylon. A denser, more wear-resistant and water-resistant material is used to form the bottom and front panel. Inside the new backpacks, less dense and elastic lining materials are used to create a lining and organize the internal space.


Backpacks of the Rock series are built on the basis of a new unloading suspension system under the commercial name Tri-Flex. The system consists of a profiled damper made of EVA foam, which is protected from the outside with lycra, as well as a polyethylene stiffening sheet and one central aluminum alloy arch. In the Rogue 48 and Outcast 44 models, the suspension system consists of two adjustable shoulder straps and a weight belt, while in the Misfit 27 the belt is replaced with an adjustable nylon webbing strap.


The design of the Rogue 48 (63 x 34 x 33 cm, 1.36 kg) features a spacious main compartment that opens both at the back and at the top, as well as a small top compartment for small items. In the Outcast 44 version (57 x 36 x 31 cm, 1.58 kg), the main focus is on internal organization, the interior compartment is divided into two spacious compartments with an additional set of niches and fastenings. The Misfit 27 Small Daily Backpack (53 x 31 x 23 cm, 1 kg) is a smaller version of the Outcast 44 with a lower profile design and the addition of side stretch pockets.


To date, the new collection of backpacks and bags Rock is only available in two combined colors (Ebony, Golden Palm). The Rogue 48, Outcast 44, and Misfit 27 backpacks have MSRPs of around $125, $135, and $100, respectively, while the Slacker and Chalk Bags are $50 and $20. It is possible to order the presented novelties directly on the manufacturer’s website.


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