Magpul Industries has updated its official website and at the same time introduced a series of body kits for various types of firearms and new magazine models (PMAG 17 GL9, PMAG D-60 AR / M4), including a new line of polymer accessories for AK-series assault rifles, which replenished the already familiar MOE AK (Magpul Original Equipment) series and the completely new Magpul Zhukov.


In total, among the new accessories for AK-series assault rifles, there are three handguards with the commercial names MOE AK Hand Guard, MOE AKM Hand Guard and an elongated Zhukov Hand Guard, as well as two stocks — MOE AK Stock and folding Zhukov-S Stock, which are fully compatible with standard stem boxes. In addition, the manufacturer separately offers three sets of different-sized cheek pads for butts.


All presented novelties are mainly made using lightweight and wear-resistant and heat-resistant polymer, which has been effectively used in accessories and magazines for the AR / M4 series for a long time. The handguards of the MOE AK Hand Guard, MOE AKM Hand Guard and Zhukov Hand Guard are complemented by an integrated heat deflector.

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