The well-known American company Magpul Industries continued to develop its AK direction, to the growing popularity of the PMAG 30 AK MOE store, which was introduced in the last months of last spring, this week started selling previously announced models of polymer pistol grips with the names MOE AK Grip and MOE AK + Grip, compatible with the AK-47 and Ak-74 line of assault rifles.


Just like the entire Magpul core product line, the pistol grips are made from impact-resistant polymer. The main difference between the MOE AK Grip and the MOE AK+ Grip is that the latter has an additional rubber coating. The MOE AK Grip is limited to a purely plastic construction, with a textured pattern on the outside, which should reduce the slip of the handle in the hand. Both options are complemented by a fully removable lid, which forms an additional small niche.


The MOE AK Grip and MOE AK+ Grip grips are currently available in all black only, with a suggested retail price of $21 and $25 respectively. -K2 Grip for AR15/M4 assault rifles. According to preliminary information, it became known that Magpul is preparing a new specialized series of plastic stocks and modular handguard pads for AK next year.>

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