Canadian brand Marathon Watch, which specializes in various models of high-quality mechanical watches for various fields of activity, has recently expanded its collection of themed accessories with a small liquid Marathon Clip-On Compass. The new product was developed for use in a set with various models of watches, as it is attached directly to the strap.


The Marathon Clip-On Compass liquid compass, which is made in a durable and sealed polymer case, includes a plastic rotating bezel with luminescent properties and contrasting marks with a luminescent coating. The movement of the universal fastening clip is enough to securely fix on various models of straps with a maximum width of no more than 22 mm.

At this stage, the small Marathon Clip-On Compass series is offered in only one design, and comes with a 16mm black nylon strap. The suggested retail price of a new product does not exceed $25. It is possible to place an order both on the manufacturer’s website and through the official showcase on amazon.


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