The collection of utility hunting knives from the Camillus Cutlery brand has expanded with two new knives, namely the Camillus Mask and Camillus Veilt models. Both versions, which are distinguished by the manufacturer as relatively budget and versatile work knives, are made in the same style from identical materials and have the same overall dimensions, the main difference is only in the shape of the blade..


The Camillus Mask and Camillus Veilt models feature a full-tail design, the blade is made of 420 stainless steel, which has an additional corrosion-resistant treatment with Carbonitride Titanium. The hardness of the steel used, according to the information from the manufacturer, does not exceed 52-55 HRC. The handle is made from textured glass fiber reinforced nylon. The pads, which are painted in Prym1 MP camouflage, are fixed with steel torx bolts.


The Camillus Mask hunting knife model has a straight Drop-Point blade, while the Camillus Veilt version has an additional evisceration hook, while the overall dimensions of the products are almost the same. The total length of both new products is almost 229 mm, the length of the handle is exactly 127 mm, the length of the blade is about 102 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt and the weight of the manufacturer has not yet been specified.


Hunting knives Camillus Mask and Camillus Veilt are supplied with a sheath made of dense synthetic material, which provides for a universal fastening for a trouser belt. The recommended retail price of the new products is $20 and $22, respectively. It is possible to place an order both on the manufacturer’s website and through a showcase on amazon.

  • Camillus Cutlery has introduced two new budget hunting fixed blade knives, the Hawker and Roto models.

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