The American brand Merrell recently released a new model of lightweight and low running shoes for trail running and hiking, including multi-kilometer races with obstacles such as Tough mudder. Called the Avalaunch Tough Mudder, the shoe was designed to be as lightweight and durable as possible, with a good level of breathability, proper ankle support and reliable traction on various types of surfaces..


The upper of the Avalaunch Tough Mudder is made from a combination of a variety of purely synthetic materials that differ in both density and texture. The base is formed by a sweat-wicking and quick-drying mesh lining, which has an antibacterial M Select FRESH treatment, followed by an outer mesh layer, which is reinforced with a flexible TPU frame. Tight-fitting neckline and partially tongue-flap are made of elastic neoprene.

An internal fully removable anatomical insole made of EVA foam and a thin layer of sweat-wicking mesh fabric with antibacterial treatment, and a three-component branded sole are responsible for supporting the foot and compensating for vertical loads. The sole is formed by a flexible padding with a seal in the central part, an intermediate shock-absorbing foam layer, as well as a wear-resistant outsole layer made of M Select GRIP TPU material. The maximum height of the spikes is 5 mm, the drop between the heel and toe is only 7 mm.


The Merrell Avalaunch Tough Mudder trail running shoe is available in two colorways to choose from for both men’s and women’s. The average weight of a male pair is only 510 grams. The recommended retail price of the sneakers is set by the manufacturer at $120. It is already possible to order sneakers both through the official website and dealers, as well as through auctions on eBay.

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