With the warm weather coming, footwear brand Merrell has expanded its urban footwear collection with new sneaker models, including the lightweight and breathable Merrell Roust Fury, which is available in men’s and women’s versions. The new sneakers were developed primarily for cycling enthusiasts in urban conditions, in connection with which they received a specialized sole, which is made with the reconciliation of CycleTread technology..


The upper of Merrell Roust Fury sneakers is made of a combination of nylon of different density, artificial leather, suede and rubber, which strengthens the toe, neck and base of the lacing system. In addition to a layer of rubber protection against damage and wear, a special reflective paint has been applied, which should increase the visibility of the owner in the dark. The inner lining is made of a quick-drying and breathable mesh material, which, together with a completely removable anatomical insole, is treated with M-Select FRESH branded antibacterial impregnation.


The outsole of the new Merrell Roust Fury cycling shoe has a multi-component construction and consists of a flexible nylon arch support, an MBound midsole and a TPU outsole with CycleTread technology, which provides the necessary comfort and support when cycling, due to special rigid inserts in the central part of the outsole.


The men’s version of Merrell Roust Fury sneakers is available in four color options, which can already be ordered through the company’s website, dealer stores, as well as through the official showcase in amazon, the retail price of the new sneakers does not exceed $110. The total weight of a pair of medium dimensions is only 539 grams.


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